Vape Coils

In order to smoke vapor from your vape juice, you must heat the liquid using a vape coil. Atomizers are often made up of nothing more than a coil covered in wicking material (which absorbs e-liquid). When a vaping device is turned on, the battery is used to power the vape coils, which then generate heat to evaporate the e-liquid or nicotine salts. Simple isn't it?

Types Of Vape Coils

Though some individuals like the challenge of making their own vapor coils, Cheap Coils offers a broad variety of excellent pre-made coils for those who would rather not make their own from top brands, for a cheap price.

Vape Coil Ohms

The resistance of vape coils is often measured in ohms. Most manufacturers of portable vaporizers provide replacement vaping coils in packs of varied resistance levels. Different vape coils provide a range of resistances, allowing you to fine-tune your vaping sessions. More vapor is produced by a vape coil with a lower resistance, but a cooler vape is achieved when a higher resistance is used. We advise experimenting with various levels of resistance to find the vape coils that suit your needs.

How To Choose The Perfect Vape Coils

Unfortunately, not every vape coil will function well in every vape mod. A few guidelines to follow while selecting vape coils:

Keep to the Same Vape Brand You Use for Your Device - Most vape manufacturers have a selection of vape coils that may be used with their various vape mods. Try to get replacement coils for your vape that are manufactured by the same company that made your vape. For example: If you buy a Smok vape, then you should replace the coil with Smok coils.

vape coil

Most vape coil lines provide many options for resistance levels, allowing you to fine-tune your vaping experience to your own preferences. The recommended wattage range for a certain coil's resistance level is often provided by the manufacturer. When shopping for replacement coils, it's important to think about the power at which you regularly vape.

Troubleshoot your coils

While pre-made vape coils are simple to install, complications are possible. In this section of the cheap coils blog, we will discuss some of the most typical and obvious problems with vape coils and the answers you'll need to remedy them.

If you install a new coil but find that your vape juice still has a burnt flavor, you have likely ruined the coil by inhaling dry air. There's a good chance the coil will still function, but your vape juice won't taste the same until you replace it.

Incorrect installation of your vape coils is the most common cause of an atomizer leaking after a replacement. Remove your coil's screws and replace them, taking care to screw them in evenly this time.

If your vape still won't work after you've swapped out the coil, the problem is likely with how you placed it. It's possible that it wasn't screwed in all the way. Remove the vapor coil and drain your tank. Reinstall it, taking care to tighten it uniformly this time.